Friday, 7 April 2017

DAPCU AhmedNagar (Maharashtra) Response to the Theme : Strategies for reducing Pre - ART LFUs at district


DAPCU Ahmednagar is conducting monthly co-ordination meetings with ART centre and Vihaan (CSC) staff to discuss the number of pre-ART LFU cases, efforts made to track them and the number of pre-ART LFUs who reached the ART centre. CSC staff are offered guidance on effective strategies that may be used for follow-up with clients. DAPCU emphasizes the importance of quality counselling by ICTC and ART centre Counsellors and capacity building of CSC staff for improving performance. Efforts are being made by DAPCU and ART centre to decongest the ART centre by shifting eligible clients to the Link ART centre. This will help improve the quality of counselling at the ART centre, encourage more clients to register for ART and adhere to treatment. ART centre staff have been instructed by DAPCU team to make follow-ups with clients through phone calls. From this month, DAPCU Ahmednagar is initiating group counseling during OPD twice a month with the help of ART Counselor and District ICTC Supervisor on specific topics, such as, ART adherence, opportunistic infections, diet and hygiene.

DAPCU Thoothukudi (Tamilnadu) Response to the Theme : Strategies for reducing Pre - ART LFUs at district


DAPCU Thoothukudi compares the line list of HIV positive clients from ICTC with the registered cases at ART Centre. A list of clients who have tested positive for HIV but have not registered at the ART centre is prepared for tracking and follow-up. For persons coming from neighboring districts, the client details are shared with the concerned DAPCU and the nearest ICTC for follow-up and registration. Similarly, for those who are from other states, DAPCU sends a communication to the concerned SACS for follow-up. When required, the ICTC Counsellor accompanies the client to the ART centre for registration. The DAPCU team and ICTC Counsellor make house visits to motivate clients who are not willing to visit the ART centre. Outreach Worker from the positive people’s network and Peer Educator from the TI project are also involved in making sure that the client gets registered at the ART centre. Linkages to social protection schemes are strengthened through the legal aid clinic as a motivation for clients to avail ART services.
DPM, DAPCU Thoothukudi facilitating block-level meeting one the importance of reducing Pre-ART LFU in the district

Monday, 27 March 2017

DAPCU Surat (Gujarat) Response to the Theme : Strategies for reducing Pre - ART LFUs at district

DAPCU Surat has been successful in reducing the number of pre-ART LFU cases by strengthening the tracking system through improved coordination among facilities, regular monitoring, supportive supervision and monthly review meetings. All patients registered for pre-ART undergo a CD4 test every six months. The ART centre Lab Technician maintains a ‘’due list’’ of patients who are due for CD4 testing. This list is prepared from the CD4 laboratory register. If any patient does not visit the ART centre to undergo CD4 test within one week of their due date, they are followed up by phone call to ensure CD4 test is done on the next visit. ICTC centre staff also motivate and support clients during post-test counseling session for ART registration.

Last Five Years Pre - ART LFU cases status of Surat District.
*As per ART Centers data source

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

DAPCU North Tripura (Tripura) Response to the Theme : Strategies for reducing ART-LFU at district


Action point taken to reduce the LFU & Pending CD4 count:
  • DAPCU has worked in close coordination with Tripura SACS, health department officials and NACP facility staff to put in place a strategy to collect blood for CD4 count testing at the Facility Integrated ART (FI-ART) centre itself. This strategy has reduced LFU cases as clients can reach the FI-ART easily instead of going to the Agartala Government Medical College (AGMC) located at a distance of 190 kms.
  • A sensitization workshop was organized for people living with HIV to discuss the importance of pre-ART registration, CD4 testing, ART adherence and reducing LFU cases.
DAPCU has initiated steps in coordination with facilities for tracing LFU cases through better outreach and improved counselling of people living with HIV. ANC mothers are  being tracked with the help of community members, ASHA and Multi Purpose Worker.

Mobilization and sensitization on CD4 testing for People Living with HIV at Dharmanagar, North Tripura

Blood sample collection by FI-ART centre at Dharmanagar, North Tripura

DAPCU Sri Ganga Nagar (Rajasthan) Response to the Theme : Strategies for reducing ART-LFU at district


For effective tracking of LFUs, the line list of LFUs is shared with the concerned NACP facility staff and discussed in monthly review meetings organized by DAPCU. Facility staff are advised to follow-up with LFU clients telephonically first and then plan home visit if necessary. LFU clients are asked to share the underlying reasons for discontinuing ART and counselled about the importance of taking ART without missing a dose. The harmful effects of abruptly stopping the medication is explained to clients and their anxiety and misconceptions are addressed.

DAPCU is taking steps in coordination with ANM and ASHA to deal with stigma and discrimination faced by clients on ART, which may prevent them from coming to the ART centre for collecting medicines. Family counselling is done to create a supportive environment at home for the ART client.